Monday, January 15, 2007

Moving on...

San Ramon has been absolutely amazing. Chris and Luisa have been too good to me. They have provided me with food, shelter, and themselves as friends which has been the best part of all. Days here consisted of either helping Chris build the massive stone retaining wall around his property, or going into Palmares with Melissa.

Let´s talk about the wall. Chris and Luisa and their 2 children Lukas and Fiona are moving about half a kilometer outside the city to a property that they recently bought. They´re buliding a huge retaining wall around their property on which will stand a Bed and Breakfast. They´re hoping to cater to interesting North Americans who are interested in the true history and culture of Costa Rica. No matter how the building turns out, the very people running it will make it worthwile. Plues it has a breathtaking view of the mountains.

Let´s talk about Melissa (far right). Melissa is the daughter of a friend of Chris and Luisa´s. She´s been awesome to me and has showed me all over San Ramon. I have to say I would have been quite bored without her. (Although, I did just meet a very flamboyant guy from Ohio on an exchange, but that´s neither here nor there.) She´s studying to become an English teacher, so it works out well. She also has quite a few friends that speak a little or a lot of English.

Let´s talk about Palmares. Palmares is a city near San Ramon which means Palmtree. For two weeks of the year Palmares is turned into a massive party. It´s sort of like a big fair, but drinking in public is legal here... so it escalates to a party quite quickly. I went with Melissa and some friends to Hectar El Father, a Reggaetonista. Reggaeton is an extremely popular kind of music here that incorporates rap and reggae. The same shallow lyrics you´d expect, but still great for gettin jiggy...

Let´s talk about me leaving. On Wednesday I´ll be leaving for Volcan Poas. That is where my Habitat placement is.

Let´s talk about sex, baby.

Let´s talk about you and me.

Let´s talk about all the good things

And the bad things

That may be...

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Anonymous said...

hello my benjamin.. i hope everything is going well.. especially with 'our little secret' from the other day.. i dunno if u have heard of facebook but u can put pics up of basically whatever.. and i have an album called 'dread master' and i cropped ur head out of the pic of u and melissa and put it in the album.. i hope u dont mind me flaunting ur gorgeous-niss dear.. if anyone says ..woah hes smokin'.. ill let u know.. love you benny! peace oxo