Monday, January 22, 2007

Ketchup and Mayo

A quick update...

Habitat is getting a little more exciting. We are actually building the walls now, not just digging holes.

The other volunteers and I went to the beachtown of Jaco for Sat and Sun. It was, well, a crazy time. There was a beautiful white sand beach and we met some good people on the ride down. I even had a conversation with a pimp in a bar. It was, well, depressing, but interesting.

John, Jimmy, and I ate at a little restaurant by our house last night. Between the 3 of us we got 4 different dishes. Every single one was absolutely smotheres in ketchup and mayo. I do love mayo, but no, it was not a pleasurable experience.


Nick Haffie-Emslie said...

Good to hear things are picking up for you man. At least they have ketchup and mayo there, that did impress me about Costa Rica. I've found that in general, condiments have a harder time traveling than other kinds of food.

Anonymous said...


Great bloggin'. We're all wondering what's going on down there. Any pictures of the house?