Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dreadlock Holiday

50% of my love of my locks was that they made me unique. Well not anymore. In this beach town of Puerto Viejo roughly 1 in 8 males have dreads and a few of the girls too. (No Grandma, that doesn't mean I'm going to cut them off any time soon...)

The culture shock has settled. It reached its pinacle when we rounded the final corner of the airport and saw swarms of people plastering family last names on signs all over the glass. But now I don't think twice when a wierd rabbit-goat-cow-camel is walking down main street or random dogs roam the streets.

The music is a definite plus. The reggae scene is huge here. I hear Thievery Corporation everywhere and it reminds me of home. But as soon as I get a little homesick I just look up to the palms...the trees of eternal happiness.... or something like that.

I just finished talking with a Canadain named Lee. He grew up outside of Toronto and went to Western. He saw my flag and we started chatting. He's been backpacking for 3 months and will be for another 1. He started in Belize and he's gotten here in those 3 months. He's reaffirmed my interest in Nicaragua, specifically Ometepe, which is an island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua made up entirely of two volcanoes.


MAC said...

Maaaaaaaan, sounds like way too much fun! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

sonja said...

you better not cut off your dreads benny.. i had a dream u did and u were about to sell them.. dont worry .. ur hair isnt what makes u unique dear.. daves dreads went over well..